Captured in Stunning Pictures – The Southern Lights Dazzling The Heavens in a Colorful Display

Dark and wintry conditions meant for a spectacular sight of the Aurora Australis in southern areas of Australia and in New Zealand over the weekend.

Braving the  the cold and their urge to sleep, photographers grabbed their cameras and headed outside to snap some of the most beautiful pictures.

The new moon was the main reason the weekend was exceptionally good for aurorae sightings, meaning there was little to no light pollution, which makes the aurorae appear more vivid.

Swinburne University researcher at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing Alan Duffy said the long wintry night meant many more people were watching.

“We didn’t have to wait until 11pm for it to be dark enough to see the Aurora,” he said.


Aurora Australis captured over Ararat, Victoria. PHOTO: The Aurora Australis illuminated the sky near Ararat, Victoria around midnight. (Facebook: Bec Potter)

“The strength of this Aurora was also helped by the fact that the Sun is just at ‘peak’ in it’s 11-year solar cycle, meaning plenty of wild outbursts that slam into the Earth’s magnetic field and cause the aurora.”

While Mr Duffy said it was a perfect weekend to see the Aurora Borealis and Australis, he said the best view came from Scott Kelly from the International Space Station.

On his 141th day in space, the NASA astronaut tweeted a video of the aurora on a sunrise.

Graham Steward from the Bureau of Meteorology said the vividness was caused by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

The CME was an explosion that occurred on the sun, sending out a charge of particles into space.

Mr Steward said the Earth just happened to be in its path.

Although CMEs occur sporadically, astronomers are able to predict strong possible sightings of the aurora a few days in advance.

But he said those in northern areas of the country would almost always miss out.

“Unless it’s a really big strong flare, or a CME, it’s not going to be seen from [higher] latitudes,” he said.

Those who missed the weekend’s show are unlikely to be able to see it tonight, as the storm was in its waning stages. The aurora was most visible Saturday and Sunday night.

Mr Steward said those wanting a heads up about the when the Aurora would be brightest could receive alerts from the Bureau.

Take a look at the collection of images captured over the weekend.


PHOTO: The Aurora Australis from the blowhole, Flinders, Victoria. August 15, 2015. (Facebook: Benjamin James)


PHOTO: The Aurora Australis lights up the night sky, as seen from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, August 15, 2015.(Submitted: Deb Williams)


PHOTO: A man looks at the Aurora Australia from Phillip Island in Victoria, August 15, 2015. (Submitted: Dale Rogers)


PHOTO: Aurora Australis over Evandale Tasmania. August 15, 2015. (Facebook: Marcus Baucza)


PHOTO: The Aurora Australis captured between Glenorchy and Queenstown, August 15, 2015. (Instagram: @haltan75)


PHOTO: The Aurora Australis captured over Cape paterson, a seaside village in Gippsland, Victoria. August 15, 2015.

PHOTO: Aurora Australis over Ballarat, Victoria. August 15, 2015.


PHOTO: Aurora Australis over Burrumbeet, Victoria. (Instagram: @Shuttabella)

Northern and Southern lights

An Aurora is a natural electric phenomenon that creates bright and colorful light displays in the skies. Auroral light displays are common at higher latitudes, and most auroral activity generally occurs within the Arctic and the Antarctic Circles.

Auroras that occur in the Arctic Circle are known as aurora borealis or northern lights, while auroras in the antarctic circle are known as aurora australis or southern lights.

Auroras are caused when electrically charged particles from solar winds enter the Earth’s atmosphere and interact with the gases in the atmosphere.

Source: ABC News

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