Alaska Airlines To Replace Boarding Passes with Eye and Fingerprint Scans

Alaska Airlines has been on the cutting age of technology in the past, and the company is doing it again by testing a revolutionary process that could theoretically speed up airport experiences.

According to a report from Sophie Mattson of, Alaska Airlines is testing a machine at the Mineta San Jose International Airport that will scan the eyes and fingerprints of customers when checking their bags, passing through security and even boarding the plane.

The technology, called biometrics, is on the rise and the hope is that the process of scanning eyes and fingertips could be the future of the airline industry.

“Our vision is simplify the day of travel and have a customer get from their car, through the airport and to their seat without having to pull out a government-issued ID,” said Jerry Tolzman, Alaska Airlines’ customer R&D manager.

Instead of handing airport employees a boarding pass or identification card, the estimated 200 Alaska Airlines frequent flyers chosen for the test program will simply have their eyes and fingers scanned to quickly move them through the security and boarding processes.

The program combines the airline’s fingerprint entry technology — already in place in four executive lounges — with the CLEAR biometrics scanning hardware that is already in place in 12 airports across the country. After undergoing a thorough screening beforehand, passengers are cleared to use the scan system for $179 a year to expedite their way through security. 


While this may be the first boarding-based program like this in the United States, this isn’t the first time Alaska Airlines has used biometrics.

In 2014, the airline asked 10,000 customers with Board Room lounge memberships if they’d like to use their fingerprints to gain expedited access to lounge rooms in Seattle, Anchorage, Portland and Los Angeles at no extra cost.

Eight thousand members said yes immediately and customers are still enrolling.

“The feedback was very positive,” said Tolzman. “On a survey scale of ‘dissatisfied’ to ‘delighted’ over 85% of the participants were delighted with the system.”

Before the most recent changes, CLEAR members were forced to show identifications at security checkpoints in San Jose, but now can use the eye and fingerprints scans instead. Most users of the service still must use boarding passes, but those selected in the Alaska Airlines pilot program can now simply just swipe their fingerprints on a tablet and gain access to the plane.  


There are still bugs to be worked out with the system, including people who have the ability to use fingerprint tricks to get around the security systems. While officials admit there are still flaws that must be improved, this is another step forward in the rise of technology meant to speed up the time spent in airports.

And while the technology has been tested in some European airports and is being touted by many as a way to improve security, “we really wanted to learn about the ease and simplicity of not having to have your boarding pass and your government issued ID,” said Tolzman, “that you could just use your fingerprint.”

Source:  Fox News

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