NASA Issues a High Alert as Severe Solar Storm Stikes Earth, and Warns More on the Way

A powerful solar flare has erupted from the surface of the sun, causing possible disruptions to satellite navigation and other essential services.

According to NASA and the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre, a mid-level solar flare reached its peak at approximately 4.23 am AEST on June 23, pummelling the Earth with dangerous levels of radiation.

While the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protects those living on the Earth’s surface, the radiation may be hazardous to satellites in orbit.

nasa solar storm

The Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite captured the flare erupting on the surface of the sun. (NASA/SDO).

In the last 24 hours, solar activity peaked at ‘G4’ on the geomagnetic space weather scale provided by NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Centre, which has the potential to knock out navigation satellites for a period of hours, as well as cause other satellites to temporarily malfunction.

A G4 geomagnetic storm also has the potential for “possible widespread voltage control problems” for power grids on the ground.

The most recent flare may be an ominous sign of further solar storms to come. (NASA/SDO)

So far there have been no reports of power outages or GPS disruptions, however further solar activity is expected in the following days.

This level of geomagnetic storm is unusual, occurring for approximately sixty days out of every eleven years.


Geomagnetic storming reaches G4 (severe) levels. Image by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.

Extreme solar storms have the potential to cause widespread issues for modern electrical and communication systems.

In 1859, a massive solar coronal mass ejection caused magnificent auroras to be visible as far north as Queensland and as far south as Cuba.

The solar storm, designated as ‘Carrington-class’ by modern sources, caused telegraph systems across North America and Europe to fail.


Earth could be about to be hit by a series of damaging solar flares as a huge sunspots aligns with the planet.

It has been estimated by researchers that a similarly sized solar storm today would cause up to $2.6 trillion in economic losses for the United States alone, with power outages affecting up to 40 million people for a period of 16 days to two years.

NASA says there are more on the way, meaning stargazers will have a few days to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis (or northern lights).  Watch the breathtaking Northern Lights here.


“Solar wind conditions remain highly favorable for continued Strong Geomagnetic storming, with both fast solar wind and strong magnetic fields,” NOAA officials wrote in a forecast update. “Aurora watchers in North America, especially northern tier states of the US, should stay alert.”

The storm’s solar winds — buoyed by a solar flare released Sunday — have continued to bombard Earth, leading officials at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center to categorize the storm as a G4 level, or severe, geomagnetic storm.

The unusually intense aurora was seen Monday from space as the storm first arrived. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, currently aboard the International Space Station, posted a series of photos showcasing the glowing interactions between solar radiation and Earth’s magnetic field.

The most intense solar storms tend to be red, with less intense winds resulting in blues and greens.

I’ve never seen this before- red #aurora. Spectacular! #YearInSpace Scott Kelly via Twitter @StationCDRKelly

As of Tuesday, no significant communications disruptions had been reported. It’s likely local power grids have witnessed minor current fluctuations as a result of the radiation, but modern electrical systems are designed to withstand such circumstances.

Another flare was launched from the solar surface on Monday, sending out another wave of radiation. Those storming solar winds are expected to arrive late Wednesday and last through Thursday.

“This timing bodes well for aurora watchers in North America,” SWPC forecasters wrote in a recent update.

Source 9News and UPI

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