This Application Will Reunite Users with Deceased Loved Ones

The hardware and software behind virtual reality is improving at a rapid rate, and that opens up new possibilities – like being able to chat with your dead loved ones.

There is now an application, dubbed “Project Elysium,” which aims to create a personalized afterlife experience between users and their loved ones.

The application is still under development by an Australian based company called Paranormal Games, and very little of the details have been divulged.

Almost everyone longs to be reunited with deceased friends and family. Now an app dubbed ‘Project Elysium’ claims to do just that by creating a ‘personalised afterlife experience’ with loved ones who have passed. The app’s developers have yet to reveal exactly how the technology will work.

What little is known, comes from their Twitter account, which shows a screenshot of someone being transformed into a 3D model. An accompanying caption reads:

What little we do know comes from their Twitter account, which features a screenshot showing someone being transformed into a 3D model. An accompanying caption says: ‘Modelling my bestie and business partner Nick into Project Elysium. Our first demo will be personal to Nick’.

Daily Mail interviewed Dr Albert Rizzo, director of medical virtual reality at the University of Southern California who stated, “potential users would have to send pictures and video of the deceased to the developer.”

But the company may also need to harvest even more data so that they can construct the person’s personality, mannerisms and movements.

‘If I knew I had an incurable disease, maybe I would do a full body scan and have a digital replica created, and I would sit down for 20 hours and have people ask me questions about my life and what I think about different things.’ Dr. Rizzo says.

He says this can all be programmed into virtual reality to create a living record of someone that people can interact with using VR headsets such as Oculus Rift.

Skip Rizzo and ICT interaction designer Bradley Newman demonstrate the how virtual reality therapy works.

But experts are divided over how this can impact a user’s mental health. Some argue that it can provide real comfort and support in times of grief, while others say it may prevent people from moving on from trauma.

‘I think helping people to confront difficult emotional challenges done in a safe environment is a positive thing,’ said Dr Rizzo.

‘When people avoid processing things, this is when it comes back and haunts them.’

‘I don’t think there is any disrespect to the dead to want to view them and interact with them,’ he added.

Project Elysium has been entered into the upcoming Oculus VR Jam 2015. To be eligible for the jam’s grand prize, it has to showcase more screenshots by April 27, followed by video footage the week after to be eligible for the jam’s grand prize.

‘You can experience anything that’s possible and anything that’s impossible,’ Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey told GamesBeat. ‘It puts you into a difference space where there’s almost no rules.’

Source: Daily Mail and Lisa Muhar

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