Washington Rejects Netanyahu’s Peace Policies

Obama officials have made it clear to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that they are not accepting his seemingly about face on support for a two-state solution.

Administration officials repeatedly made statements on Thursday that they would have to “re-evaluate” their policies and approach towards Israel and the peace process.


The prime minister, in a move many see as trying to mend ties with US President Barack Obama, said on Wednesday that he never retracted his 2009 statement that calls for a Palestinian state.

Speaking to MSNBC on Thursday, Netanyahu said, “I never retracted my speech at Bar-Ilan University six years ago calling for a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes a Jewish state.”

“What has changed is the reality,” he continued. “[Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] the Palestinian leader refuses to recognize the Jewish state and has made a pact with Hamas that calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, and every territory that is vacated today in the Middle East is taken up by Islamist forces. We want that to change so that we can realize a vision of real, sustained peace. I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that, circumstances have to change.”

The White House and State Department were not so welcoming of Netanyahu’s about face.

When asked about the prime minister’s post-election comments, State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki responded, “Prime Minister Netanyahu was the prime minister three days ago as well. We believe he changed his position three days ago.”

Psaki insisted that “our preference is for a two-state solution negotiated between the parties. His comments three days ago brought into question his commitment to that.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnst reiterated Psaki’s sentiments, telling reporters that “after the comments, it’s pretty clear that Israel is no longer committed to [a two-state solution].”

Meanwhile on Thursday, after waiting several days, Obama called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his re-election.

Obama spoke to the prime minister “to congratulate him on his party’s success in winning a plurality of Knesset seats,” the National Security Council said in a statement.

According to the White House, the president “emphasized that importance the United States places on our close military, intelligence, and security cooperation with Israel, which reflects the deep and abiding partnership between both countries.”

The two leaders “agreed to continue consultations on a range of regional issues, including the difficult path forward to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Source: BIN

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How are the things of Esau searched out! how are his hidden things sought up!  All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee even to the border: the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee; they that eat thy bread have laid a wound under thee: there is none understanding in him – Obadiah 1:6-7 (KJV).

There will never be peace with the Palestinians (muslims, “tents of Edom”) and all other muslims, when it comes to Israel.  The fact is that all muslims refuse to acknowledge Israel as a sovereign state because they believe the Holy Land belongs to allah. This belief is written in their satanically inspired qur’an, which teaches these “workers of iniquity” that Israel no longer retains the right to the Holy Land due to their disobedience to God (See Surah 13:41), Therefore, at all costs, muslims will pursue the plight of conquering Israel and controlling it, and at whatever means is necessary. That ‘means’ is further illustrated in another satanically inspired book called the ‘hadith’ a supplement to the qur’an. The Hadith advocates and encourages extremist like ISIS, to murder, kill, behead, torture, and set afire, “the infidels” which are those who do not accept allah (Hadith 9:29).  We have all taken a front row seat to the wars and the jihad waged against Jews and Christians.  This is all apart of the “crafty scheme.”

The fact that other countries refuse to absorb the Palestinians is another crafty ploy by the political powers. The Palestinians are the pawns. The tension with the Palestinians is exactly what is needed to keep the fire ignited, incite a war, and wage jihad.  These wars are prophetically told to us in Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38-39.   But we already know who calls checkmate – and that is God. Nonetheless, prophecy must play out to bring Israel back to the submission of Jesus Christ.  It is only important that we know through prophecy that the muslim’s insatiable appetite to conquer and control Israel will not cease, until Jesus returns and puts an end to all these false gods, blasphemous religions, and the wickedness of man.

As far as a two-state solution goes, in biblical prophecy, God does not change. In the chapters of Ezekiel  36:1-5 and 38:6-7,12, Ezekiel prophesied that God would return the mountains of Israel back to the Jews after their exile. The “ancient heights” are the Golan Heights and West Bank.  This prophecy was fulfilled in the six-day war of 1967. After the fulfillment of this prophecy, Ezekiel also prophesied that once Israel regained possession of the land, it would never again be taken away from them. So, a two state solution is impossible. However, as a result of this, Israel will remain a “heavy stone” for all people and nations (Zechariah 12:2-3). This confirms that there will not be peace, even when those who try to falsely say, ‘peace, peace.’ Again, Zechariah confirms that the constant peace talks regarding the two-state solution will continue, until the end of tribulation.

As far as those who pretend to be peacemakers, and seek to divide Israel, will in fact, meet the greatness of our Mighty and Powerful God!  That is told in Jeremiah:

Thus saith the LORD against all mine evil neighbours, that touch the inheritance which I have caused my people Israel to inherit; Behold, I will pluck them out of their land, and pluck out the house of Judah from among them.And it shall come to pass, after that I have plucked them out I will return, and have compassion on them, and will bring them again, every man to his heritage, and every man to his land- Jeremiah 12:14-15 (KJV).

In the faithful Service of Jesus Christ,

Lisa Muhar


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